Friday, September 01, 2006

Another Month, More Targets, A Hit

September 1st, so a fresh set of targets in BC.

Mine are 1,000 words a day BEFORE LOGGING ON, a story or a flash every day, at least 4 x 2K+ stories for the month, 60 subs and to crit anything that moves. I'll also read one quality short and one quality poem a day.

Congrats to Caroline for an acceptance at Poetry Monthly, our 152nd hit of the year.

Here are today's prompts.

Vic Glover awoke with the noon-day heat ringing in his ears

Finally, Finally

The wind blew down from the mountain for two nights

The Darkness of Cinnamon

Robert Hurley's wife died in September, and by the middle of Ocotber he had more or less settled everything.

London is full of boys named Alex

Among the Dangs

Black & White Ball

So help me God it gets more and more preposterous

Centifrugal, centripetal

There's an interesting road leading south out of Aristotle

Halifax, My Halifax!

He was an orphan, and, to himself, he seemed like one, looked like one.

She seemed to remember him, something about his face, from before...

One winter evening, she looked at them: the husband durable, receptive, gentle; the child a tener golden three. The sight of them made her sad and sick she did not want to see them ever again.

Harry Belten and the Medelssohn Violin Concerto*

*or use the IDEA

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