Monday, September 11, 2006

Six Hits, Ten Nominations, Two Dozen Prompts

Heard over the weekend that ten Boot Camp stories have been nominated for inclusion in a University Funded Anthology. In the old days we would have considered mere nomination a "hit" but these days we simply acknowledge these minor hits as "notes". Still it's nice to be nominated!

A flurry of acceptances for Michael J Hulme, Tom C, myself at Eclectica and another for TomC at WingSpan Quarterly, six in all taking us to 160 Hits for the year, 14 First Prizes, 9 Second Prizes, 5 Thirds, 25 Finalists and $5,950 in prizes total.

Monday is Crit Day for Primaries (stories, not flashes) but we have a set of prompts nevertheless. Just reading and re-reading odd lists can make a germ set root. Try it!

PROMPTS on Monday at 0707

One Kit-Kat, an Apple, one Tangerine, a Packet of Crisps

The Best Girlfriend You Never Had

In the long, slow, unfurling of our lives

Sitting on the Toilet

Nobody Shot Before Noon


Then it is Dark

His Shoes Filled With Snow

The Bedroom Window Was Accessible From the Street

The Way Out of the Jungle

Stairwell B

A Perfect Day in the City Always Starts Like This

The Man Who Bricked Himself In

Write a Story "THe Half-Skinned Steer" only do better than Annie P

Prompts from Lexie: Sunday/Monday 0015

Pelicans, Cranes and Blue-Footed Boobies

More than Kin and Less than Kind

Arthur's Depression

The Place of Skunks


Having Your Colours Done: The Emotional Spectrum

A Plectrum and a Pint

School Buses

The Water Carrier

A Very Public Convenience

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