Friday, September 29, 2006

Seventh Quark & Prompts

7Q4 (Right) is printed and should go out this weekend/Monday.

Just waiting on the folding/stapling from the Printer


If you are a 7Q subscriber please email Alex Keegan and confirm
your subscription and current contact details. 7Q is only being sent
to those subscribers who do confirm and are checked off


Saturday-Sunday the Eleventh Frantic Flash

£6 Entry, or 3 for £15 pre-paid)

Minimum Prize £100
(50% of Entry guaranteed, average 65%)

Sign up as a possible entrant so we have your Email address.

Prompts sent 0900-1800-2100 Saturday and Sunday (UK Time)

You then have 75 Minutes to write your story and email back

80 minutes if you reply immediately and say "I'm in"

Shortlist at the latest Midnight Monday

Low Entry (typically 20-40 stories, so a great chance of winning)

It's a great way of accessing the unconscious (no time to make mistakes)
and the quality is surprisingly high.

Any surplus goes to fund Seventh Quark Magazine

If you would like to receive the emails, email


Friday Prompts

Hare, Today Hare Tomorrow

Going to the Dump

Man at Sunset


The Photocopier Wars

My Life in Uniform and Other Lies


When Does a Dirty Handkerchief Become a Floorcloth?

Starry Story Night


Don'tcha Just LOVE Guns?



The Liquorice Allsort Mines of Aberdifi

The Bastards

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Dimly

PEAS, Well at Least They're Green

Reports of My Suicide Have Been Underplayed

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