Friday, September 22, 2006

A Few More Stories

Much as we love flashing in Boot Camp, I've noticed that the number os STORIES has fallen away and the Flash-Story ratio is too heavily weighted in favour of flash.

So in BC, at least for the rest of 2006, we are putting emphasis on STORIES, one a week being the ideal target.

We'll still have our daily prompts, but these can be used to start longer works.

and here they are:

Jingly-Jangly Rhymes and Things

A Silence Falls

The A-Z of Being Dead

Toast Before Breakfast, Age Before Beauty

Two People on a Hill, Sun Low

What Dambudzo Means

Waiting to Hear From the Level-Crossing Man

Never Marry a Man From Basingstoke (or a Mexican)

Fish food floating on a skin of water

Not Because of the Evening


"A Way Out," Zunzer said.

That Morning, They Took Clark's Desk


Red = Good, Grey = Bad

The Appendix Trials


She Was Pretty, Shadow of Death

The Difference Between Rayon and Nylon and Silk

Midnight, and I'm Not Famous Yet

On an October Day in 1939

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