Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Frantic Flash, Tuesday Prompts

Just a dozen pre-signed entries for this weekend's Frantic Flash Competition (£6 Entry, guaranteed £100 Prize) and usually actual entries come out around double the pre-signees, so a great chance to win £100.

For details see http://www.7thquarkmagazine.com

Tuesday Morning prompts

A Small Bird Dies

Gallerie Lafayette, Outside It's Raining

Two People Looking Opposite Ways, Sunset

Cormorant or Shag?

The Mathematics of Love


The Land of the Last Biscuit


The Oldest Working TV in the World (Provbably)


Nice Face, Shame About the Politics

Man in a One Legged Suit

Clocks Melting

Novel, Navel, Novel, Navel

Porto, in the Gods

The Felt-Tip Graveyard

A Slow Boat to St Nazaire

Versions of the Word "Clap"

Mrs Browne, the Gladiola, Boy With a Crew-Cut

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