Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Hits and Yet More Prompts

A few more hits to report. Two for Eclectica, one at Southern Ocean Review, a shortlisting for Caroline at Bournemouth and another finalist (results TBA) for "Britbird", takes the total to 166 for the year, down on last year, but we should pass 200.

Comp wins are still stuck at 14 for this year (compared to 26 last year) but places and finals take us up to 53 comp hits for the year

7Q4 is shaping up nicely, the Children in Need Marathon has 19 signed up (we want 50-100) and we are up to 181 stories 339 numbered flashes and 75 "recent" for the year, a total of 595 shorts/flashes.

Work-wise we've had

1600 Flash Crits & Scores
1500 Full Story Critiques and Grids

3100 Crits in 600 threads

add to that a hundred or so discussions of Quality Published stories and a few dzen craft threads, we are obviously getting lazy


I am heat, I am open flesh

Soli has a television, Peter has a radio

Cambrensis Redux


Soup in the Basket, Ma'am


Leonardo, the Other One

The Bastard

Pretty well every day now, at noon

Chink, Chink, Chink

A Silence Falls, a Small Bird Dies

I Know My Alphabet

Do Ghosts Fall in Love?

The Ex-Lovers Annual Reunion

It's 6 AM. Do You Know Where You Are?

Ambitious Flower Girls and Crusty Old Men

The Red Mini and the Yellow Rolls-Royce

Jago's forehead trembled against the glass

A woman, brazen

How did mother get here?

All of this happened when I was about fifteen

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