Friday, September 15, 2006

Four Hits, Four Hundred Prompts

Rushing out now but turns out we have four more hits to post including one finalist (Results TBA)

Here are Two Batches of Prompts

The Holy Bubble

Heart Recycling

Jesus Wants Me for a Bridge Partner

Swim, Very Early, Tescos, Dying


Extracts From Forest Bibliography, Zagreb, 1909

The Extra Glass

If Oswald Missed

What to Do in London

68.9% Will Do

Shoot the Arch-Duke? Can't Mate, Girlfriend is Coming Over

Fair Traid

Alphonse Klauders was a Member of Seven Libraries

The Man Whose Penis Became a Chicken
Marries a Girl Called Hutch

Two Front Teeth and Passion

Everyone is in a Minority

The Most Beautiful Fire is in My Heart

Crocodile Aberdeen

and from Lee at some ungodly hour this morning

Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Ballad Of The Broken Seas

The Back Room

Through The Windowpane

Coles Corner

The Warning

Black Holes And Revelations

Melting Pot

Beloved One

White Bread, Black Beer

This Is My Demo

The Eraser

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