Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Important Note

Important Note. 

All of the prompts I am generating are Alex K "originals", none are
actually from other poems or stories. If I use a quote or title directly
I will always put it in "inverted commas"

But it's occurred to me that if ten people generate, say, a poem from
the same set of prompts, they may well have couplets, even stanzas
that look remarkably the same - and might be accused by a third-party
of plagiarism.

My prompts are themselves prompted by IDEAS in other poems, or thoughts,
or moments. Sometimes I may bastardise a line but I always aim to be at 2-3-4  
removes from the original.

So, when using prompts, please remember there is NOT a requirement to use All of a prompt
or the prompt exactly, or a portion exactly. We are not saying "This must be in the text!"

You read the prompts like you might read a series of poems or "great lines" and "wait
to be hit"... You may, on being hit, write something unrelated.

Just be careful that you and I don't produce the same poem, or be accused of
something undeserved.

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