Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015-0036 (Jan 20 2015) 17:35 (Tuesday)

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0036 (Jan 20 2015) 17:40 (Tuesday)

0876 We are beasts, too, and slaughtered in our way
0877 I did not hear the start of summer
0878 It's just a dirty vest
0879 The flesh that came as I became a man
0880 A ploughman beside the vee

0881 The death-white shine of fish
0882 He flew, but for such small times
0883 I am not holy or from a holy place
0884 A hundred guitars, a trumpet
0885 The long slow mud at low-tide

0886 All the trees burned
0887 We stole a boat
0888 The way blood pours and makes us more alive
0889 No longer on the island
0890 One spring day green, the next is flowers

0891 Swinging from the tree, falling into water
0892 A soft story, a sparrow, conversion
0893 Apples, Pears
0894 O'Brien was a gentleman, at least at a glance
0895 The poor little thing, so skinny...

0896 That thing about a grain of sand, the world
0897 No water with it, for the taste
0898 Four dirty cowboys, looking for trouble
0899 Dusk fills the shadows first
0900 I don't intend to keep you long

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