Saturday, January 17, 2015



 Boot Camp January Flash Blast

 2015-0031 (Jan 17 2015) 07:36 (Saturday)

0751 Moria Jones was round and brown
0752 The three of them went to a back-street pub
0753 The house was in a grey terrace
0754 It was overcast but Greavsie pretended to sunbathe
0755 She was driving her boyfriend's vintage Jag

0756 Underneath the floorboards, ninety-nine types of shit
0757 She had said her Mum would fuss
0758 The Inter-City sloughed out of Manchester on time
0759 You walk bloody slow, Ocean, Thomas said.
0760 Eventually she got through to the desk

0761 The DCS wanted another look at Number 17
0762 On their way to her mother's Moira told Billy
0763 He stood at the lectern and waited
0764 It was cleaner now, no blood, no shit.
0765 Jenn' drove slowly, the windows open

0766 Kings Parade, silent, amber.
0767 On one wall were a dozen pictures of Hornby
0768 She was back a little before two a.m.
0769 Welcomed by summer rain
0770 The DI pointed to the street door and she went ahead

0771 Moira was sitting up in bed
0772 His name was Angel
0773 A string of aliases
0774 She hadn't run for days
0775 Hands up everybody who wants to go to Manchester

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