Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015-0023 (Jan 10 2015) 08:37

Boot Camp January Flash Blast

 2015-0023 (Jan 10 2015) 08:37

 0551 Back when the world was wilder
0552 Metaphors at Dawn
0553 The he dismissed us; you went first
0554 You are young and do not smell nice, but you have talent!
0555 People arguing in every room

0556 A fat lady, pissing herself
0557 Ploughs to swords as soon as possible
0558 For her pains, she had been born in Llantwit Major
0559 Gong & Gong
0560 I am building a balsa house to take with me always

0561 An empty block of five
0562 Listen to yourselves! You pontificate like jellyfish!
0563 The last piece of coal. Next we shall burn books. Or You.
0564 Any Sunday before 1970
0565 Miss Wilce and Miss Dufner?

0566 Do not be sentimental. Never expect applause.
0567 You ought to find a greater joy in music.
0568 I have sent my penny for the Black Babies
0569 The Nine Fridays
0570 Crushed beer cans, the suggestion of bad sex

0571 The silent music of pi
0572 I wear and thousand locks and want a beautiful locksmith
0573 The last surviving man
0574 That wolf is taking the piss
0575 Twelve months later, or a year

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