Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015-0033 (Jan 18 2015) 18:47 (Sunday Night)

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0033 (Jan 18 2015) 18:47 (Sunday Night)

0801 In the probation Officer's Car
0802 Lose, but lose ANGRY
0803 Bright pools, deep and black
0804 The sea prays, waits
0805 I am from another city

0806 What was here has changed
0807 A long, leather, Nazi General's Coat
0808 What should be remembered?
0809 The smell of her
0810 I would rather not grow up just yet

0811 It is almost midnight, the sky shimmering
0812 I remember, I remember. Of course I remember
0813 Full of care, full of care
0814 From here, under such a sun, it all looks beautiful
0815 I'm a squirrel. Hold my nuts.

0816 Your house is cold, something is wrong here
0817 Dominate
0818 Plant the potatoes, then wait
0819 A tartan scarf and tartan pants
0820 Now, apparently, is three seconds long

0821 It's only a blizzard, Captain
0822 The moon bleeds, the lovers hold their breath
0823 Think big, refuse to compromise.
0824 I like to drive the way that let's me see the valley
0825 Don't blink!

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