Monday, January 26, 2015

2015-0043 (Jan 26 2015) 06:45 (Monday)

Boot Camp
January Flash Blast

2015-0043 (Jan 26 2015) 06:45 (Monday)

1076 A bayonet-polisher from Eccleshall, a draper's assistant
1077 A sky with the colour of squid
1078 The dead grey general in the park is wearing a tall white hat
1079 On the canals, the junkyards, the stores
1080 There's a telecom mast in every cemetery

1081 When the dream lingers
1082 Spinning the wheels and digging deeper
1083 It depends on you point of view
1084 Come hold my frozen hand
1085 Fuck them all, fuck them all, fuck, fuck, fuck fuck them all

1086 Press the right buttons and in the right order
1087 It is Hush Hour, mouths backed up to the Highway
1088 I live just up the lane, and down the lane
1089 Float With Me
1090 A hundred commuter trying to move the train. Don't Laugh!

1091 The underground rattles below us
1092 Lorry loads, shed-loads, train-loads of boys
1093 This is a dead-end street
1094 Steam
1095 No-one goes hungry here

1096 A small, ordinary party
1097 Men came to see her by appointment, by charabanc and special trains
1098 The puff of cold air just before we hear the train
1099 Five days a week and often Saturdays
1100 She was nothing special but she knew three secret words

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