Friday, January 14, 2011

Prompts Set 0,017

A – With my little pick and shovel

B – Appointment in Lothbury

C - It's arguable, yes, but it still isn't so

D - Washed away

E - I will rise up and be gone

F – How we intermet

G – Buzz Lightyear's Dilemma

H – She had a little number

I - On a night like this, what else?

J - The soporific tucking of the old hall clock

K - A Story beginning: At the start we didn't think it would be hard

L – Monopoly Money

M – Where the marks are. It's hard to believe

N - What's fer tea, Mam? Shit and Sugar

O – It might as well rain until September

P – Desert

Q - Another word for Broccolli

R – A Rose is a rose is a Rose

S – There's a hole in my bucket, Dear Lisa, Dear Lisa

T – The TB Hospital

U - The Greenest Skies

V - Grapes from Morrocco

W – Sort of a Gunslinger

X – The way it lurks and quietly grows

Y – Don't be Nervous

Z – I have often walked, down this street before

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