Saturday, January 08, 2011

2011 Prompts 0,013

A - All the pretty people

B - My daughter is critiquing a novel, by ---- me!

C - Or we could just sleep

D - The windows are opening, the sun is breaking through

E - TASK: Play some music, something HOT like rock or wild classical, very loud then write something FAST

F - I am Arnold, shit-man, and this is my shit-domain


H - I fell in love with the Sally Ann Girl on the tambourine

I - TASK: Write a story based on a lie.

J - As the noose falls

K - A Story beginning: Today, today. It must happen.

L - We, sorry, you, are all so old

M - Here and now, more or less

N - Furry Godmother

O - A story ending: I am leaving now. Don't turn on the light.

P - The river is dirty and old

Q - TASK: Write a story with a stammering narrator with no mention of a stammer or stutter and no s-s-silly stuff.

R - Where's the Galaxy?

S - The Zombie I met in Tesco

T – The Hero's Journey

U - Let us go now, you and I

V - She calls him her BTN, Better than Nothing.

W - Even the silent majority is in uproar

X - The scalpel opens you up like a Christmas Parcel

Y - I am afraid the future is bleak

Z - Tiny Tom

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