Sunday, January 09, 2011

2011 Prompts Set 0,014

A – Fleur-de-Lys
B – Dirty nights in seedy motels
C - Bingo
D - The King’s Speech
E - TASK: Write a story involving many colours
F – Seeing this was August, warm soft, the low night falling
G – Tick-Tock, I’m a clock
H – You are beautiful by lamplight
I - TASK: Write a backwards story
J - Bicycles
K - A Story beginning:.
L – The Little Gatsby
M – I have known such lips already. I have known them all
N - Don’t Look Now
O – You’ve Got Mail
P – It’s there. I have to climb it
Q - TASK: Write an animal story without any reference or cheap clues to the animal type
R – Waiting for Daisy
S – After the luncheons, the teas, the formal evenings
T – Apparently, they prevent frostbite
U - A faint light across the causeway, blinking
V - Coabalt Blue
W – Major-General DuFarb
X – Only sort-of a burglary
Z – There will be time; there always is

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