Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 - Prompt Set 0,011

A - Two years dead already, Mam

B - Bratislava or somewhere

C - My father couldn't close the door of the telephone box

D - Her false teeth on the mantlepiece

E - TASK: Turn off your screen or set font colour to white. NOW write

F - Agatha Christie


H - Maybe in the front room

I - TASK: Pick to random objects and write their story

J - I made this up, sure I did.

K - A Story beginning: An old church in Ireland

L - All the sad young men, the lost wives

M - I have walked out in the rain, shirtless, free

N - Pooch

O - A story ending: Would you have done any different?

P - Sleeping with Bears

Q - TASK: Write a story that argues with itself

R - I know the dark, really know the dark

S - They are coming for us

T – Squits

U - The nurse is tickling my feet

V - As deaths go, this is pleasant enough

W - A clatter of kitchen metal

X - I will come back, after all you have my liver.

Y - An Easter Rising

Z - You would like it here

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