Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prompts Set 0,016

A – Dig!

B – Meeting at Waterloo

C - I can, I could, but I can't

D - The shark in the floodwater

E - Considering various alternatives

F – How the sun rises, how it falls

G – Trouble in Toy-Town

H – Beautiful Woman in a Black Dress

I - Love or Sex?

J - The hiss, so gentle, of a gas-light

K - A Story beginning: OK, here we go

L – My son, but I will visit him

M – It happened here but they've taken him away

N - Them what asks don't get

O – Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain

P – Seas, Oceans

Q - TASK: Write a story while listening to Jazz

R – Daisy, Daisy, Daisy, Daisy!

S – The hand that rocked the cradle has kicked the bucket

T – Please do not expectorate

U - As I remember it, bright, sky-blue, everything possible

V - Cerise

W – The Shooting of the Coward Arthur P Jones

X – I have a pain in my stomach

Y – Breakdown
Z – The sea is calm tonight

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