Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Prompts 6701-6725

Wednesday, March 23rd, 19:35

6701 Whenever, wherever 
6702 Venus, bright as a distant planet
6703 It is what it is
6704 The view from the mountain is not the valley
6705 Play some old sad songs

6706 Keep Calm and throw out your Keep Calm Posters
6707 Not defeated, never cowed
6708 The night dies at 03:30
6709 Banana Moon
6710 There may be something coming

6711 Oh, love, and you so far away…
6712 JOY!
6713 Fat yes, but not as fat
6714 We go on, limping
6715 She had walked into a door. Called Frank

6716 She bent down to tie her shoelace
6718 I need a cheap room, as dirty as possible
6719 Eurovision, the cultural Icon
6720 Unwashed knives, crust forks and a rancid spoon

6721 My lover is worn out. May I borrow yours?
6722 There is more to come
6723 It’s not the cough that carries you off
6724 Insensitive Care

6725 Coughing into a bucket

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