Wednesday, March 02, 2016

March Prompts 6001-6025

Wednesday 2nd March 06:37

6001 Between murderous mountains and a treacherous sea
6002 I remember stations, not trains
6003 Small soldiers with large guns
6004 The joys once, tunnels, water, steam
6005 Mill girls, finished for the week, lipsticked, laughing

6006 Cradling the glass, letting light upon the amber
6007 The steam train stink on the bridge below Newport High
6008 The are selecting a madman to run against a criminal
6009 When it was huge to ride towards the sea
6010 McAdorey, Wakeham, Innes

6011 The clatter of rolling steel, sure, bigger
6012 What they say about purple, whether it’s true or not
6013 The empty shops, the blind, bland shop-girls
6014 One from sixty million, one.
6015 It is over. It is all over. Sadness is coming

6016 What age then, is it, we write about being children?
6017 Fish and Chips, two-and-six, sand, sea, the fair
6018 Once in a lift in The Café Royal
6019 When fathers were huge, strange and distant beasts
6020 It’s Saturday, stay in bed.

6021 The way the bad dog persuades the good dog to misbehave
6022 We pass our loves on, slowly exchanging parts
6023 On reflection, I no longer do reflection
6024 It is either Gaelic or Chinese
6025 I like to get there fast but a slower train has majesty

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