Sunday, March 06, 2016

March Prompts 6201-6225 

Sunday March 6th. 19:35

6201 I need to know what’s inside
6202 The elephant in the room has just shit on the carpet
6203 Give us this day our daily Sky
6204 High Stakes Contract Bridge; three dead, one missing
6205 The mouse scatters before the plough 

6206 No, no, no, I’m saying yes!
6207 The joys of the rusted sub-frame
6208 I am not a famous poet. I am not a poet.
6209 The opposite of love is apathy
6210 Let us imagine somewhere safe, kill ourselves and go there

6211 The teachers take us to the river’s edge
6212 The opposite of love is apathy
6213 The things they put in sausages
6214 Yes, yes, yes, it’s a no from me.
6215 She divorced me, citing the library

6216 Paper, Plumb Line, Table, Scissors, Paste
6217 The A470
6218 Surf? I can barely walk on land!
6219 It’s your turn to kill a cat
6220 Two ladders, a bucket, his leather belt,  letter

6221 When the paper runs out.
6222 The Assassination of Prince Charles
6223 Comings, Goings, Early, Late, Too early
6224 Yes, no, maybe, tell me a little bit more.

6225 Quietly he sits down, his rifle in his lap

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