Saturday, March 05, 2016

March Prompts 6151-6175

Saturday March 5th 09:55

6151 Turn-off the jukeboxes, delete the MP3s
6152 If you love me, undo your fists and sit
6153 And far above, not knowing I am here, the ISS passes
6154 His favourite flannel shirt, his favourite dog
6155 and eventually, the washing of the spears

6156 A love in seconds, every one screaming
6157 What if, for a day, it all started going backwards?
6158 Please place your eyes in the bucket provided
6159 He was found in the flooded workings, his bible in his vest
6160 You explete me.

6161 Never for the gravity of any situation
6162 A pint, two pints, three
6163 In bed, the plough through the roof light over my head
6164 What is left now except for dreaming?
6165 If I am a horse, to I run, jump or pull?

6166 Stranger, it is time for you to leave
6167 I am running away to Heaven. I play with light
6168 Let us drink slowly and remember better times
6169 We used to meet when her husband walked the dog
6170 FISH

6171 I was walking by a river edge, quiet, trying to decide
6172 Here beneath water, cottages, shops, the pubs, a church
6173 I was kidnapped by earthlings
6174 He had wanted to be a spy but couldn’t lie.
6175 A few left bob, the kettle on the hob

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