Friday, March 04, 2016

March Prompts 6076-6100

Friday, 4th March 00:45

6076 He is very good, can pull a giraffe from his hat
6077 Sir, you vex me and you do distress me
6078 Let us rehearse our gushing, spontaneous applause
6079 The curtains at the front funereally closed
6080 He ran away from the circus to be a clerk

6081 Can I borrow a cup of sugar and your AK47?
6082 She has a midget registered nurse, there with her passport inside her purse
6083 The view from the back windows light and joyful
6084 COMET
6085 It is time for the lights to be put out

6086 Watch, this is how to retaliate
6087 They were all enchanting then
6088 I have no convictions. I have never been caught
6089 Apparently, once I was a woman
6090 Think of something mundane, like Pie

6091 Party at the Asylum
6092 Mother, oh my dear mother, please fuck off
6093 Loudspeakers
6094 I remember you, a tiny bit flesh, a huge straw hat
6095 Should I be immortal or be liked?

6096 If the fear departs, beware!
6097 The way astronauts grow
6098 I am trying to explain. Are you trying not to hear?
6099 Two snakes dancing
6100 Well, that’s it folks. Tune in tomorrow

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