Saturday, March 12, 2016

March Prompts 6401-6425

Saturday, March 12th, 12:48

6401 She sat, grinning, as if she was a newly-discovered queen
6402 A man with three ideas can lead poor men
6403 Turn down my light, I must rest now
6404 This cruel month
6405 Like me homeward-bound after a game

6406 You hair was wet; there was seaweed on you arm
6407 I think of memories of desire
6408 Powder,s liquids, various additions
6409 How snow lies, the ground forgotten
6410 I do not think of death more than fifteen times a day

6411 There is a freedom on the high slopes, light air
6412 The grey mush that is November
6413 The desert is wild with voices
6414 There waiting in the heart of a bright light
6415 I am investigating myself, looking the other way occasionally

6416 Sunday, we are not expecting much
6417 She will not let me see nor let me hear
6418 I believe these may be addictive. Can I have more?
6419 Hush, Margaret is ready to speak!
6420 The quiet, proud sound of small water trickling trough rocks

6421 he kept walking but would not lift his eyes
6422 A fragile girl called Hyacinth
6223 It’s time, but withered, jerking, ugly 
6424 I can show you even darker shadows

6425 We are planting corpses, fertilised with blood

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