Friday, October 30, 2015

October Blast 24 2651-2675 

30-Oct 08:12 Friday

2651 The virgins are arriving, led by a brass band
2652 My Last Will and Excrement
2653 The tinkle of abandoned wind-chimes
2654 An ache rising from the bowels
2655 They are captured on dark streets, shaved, bathed, anointed 
2656 This is a summer for Disco Tents
2657 They live a quieter life, apart from the sacrifices
2658 You cannot comprehend the measure of my disgust
2659 Hair slicked with Brylcreem, perfectly parted
2660 The Joy of Tax
2661 Lately, I have been working on a Time Machine
2662 Hoe pressure rises
2663 The dark prehistoric smell of wolf
2664 This is the contract we make
2665 I could fuck a kitchen girl, go riding
2666 When there is just one pit left, will it be a church?
2667 You forget, thinking it could never have been that bad
2668 Polishing Brass
2669 The men are lined up in the rain, each wondering how he came to be there
2670 I sleep with the horses: it is more pleasant there
2671 In the day we light candles and pray. At night we slit throats
2673 When you are old and high on drugs
2674 I was born with the soul of a slave, you an emperor
2675 It is the lightness of you an air of forest morning 

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