Wednesday, October 07, 2015

October Blast 09 2276-2300

07-Oct 11:15 Wednesday

2276 Village Stocks, Electric Chairs
2277 Crucifixion, but a long way off
2278 We cannot be sure you are our sort of person
2279 I so detest it when they become educated
2280 Eventually we will eat our shoes, and then our books

2281 Pigs Fucking Pigs and Pigs Watching On
2282 It is all mud and I detest you for it
2283 Suitable Lampposts
2284 Remember when men were black from work but marched and sang?
2285 There is a far-off beauty in bells

2286 Pure gravestones, white as light, leaning crosses
2287 No poor, and now no disabled, no limbless, none struck
2288 Mist
2289 Genuinely, if a pox fell upon them, I would rejoice
2290 Would Communists be Worse, or Fascists?

2291 The soul gone, the heart. Now tax the air.
2292 Next!
2293 You took too much of my life
2294 If we could only find another Botany Nay
2295 We would march into Hell, nevertheless

2296 These are my last few unknown places, shadows of shadows
2297 Watch them, imagine smart grey uniforms and a certain kind of cross
2298 Tsars fell, Empires fade, but the filth and bile remains in festering minds
2299 Surely the poor have uses? Fertiliser, ballast, bad examples?
2300 Jesus, Privatised

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