Friday, October 16, 2015

October Blast 15 2426-2450
16-Oct 08:11 Friday

2426 We need more ways to waste our time
2427 The Last Love Letter of Ebenezer Smith
2428 Black Beauty
2429 How the fox falls, upon another fox
2430 Blood, simmering gently

2431 I would describe myself thus
2432 My books in many boxes
2433 When your internet is down 4 days
2434 May I go now? There are things I must do
2435 Random acts of unkindness

2436 Cameron Cameron in La-La-Land
2437 The ugly moments between the smiles
2438 Ironing, Ironing, Ironing, and then ironing
2439 NODDY
2440 In truth, I would prefer not to

2441 An Ugly Sunset
2442 The roar of falling snowflakes
2443 The light above the trees
2444 Ice, blue ice, ice forever
2445 Archangel

2446 The lights of the fairground
2447 The dark art of opening jars
2448 Best to continue walking, best not to see
2449 It takes a man

2450 Three daughters, each with child

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