Saturday, October 10, 2015

October Blast 12 2351-2375

10-Oct 09:51 Saturday

2351 Bargees here for the body, prepared to fight
2352 This is a strange church with strange smells
2353 Jacob's Ladder
2354 You should not expect applause except the flutter of hands in your gut
2355 The pig with a house of straw

2356 You must find your key, then sing
2357 Brothels, Parliaments, Churches
2358 Let us not prolong this
2359 There is an unwellness in your soul
2360 I dismiss myself and cast me out

2361 Come Waves Overwhelm me for I cannot die
2362 Command Centre
2363 The contents of the saddest box on Earth
2364 Jennifer, you are rudely late, impossibly early
2365 If I rob you i have made your load lighter

2366 Mesopotamia
2367 I almost came out alive
2368 The Aliens Reported Back: Worthless
2369 The fat grey flanks of the walrus
2370 All for one and I'm the one

2371 Remember, there is good and bad laughter
2372 Long ago, before the world was a wild uncaring place
2373 So many ways to say hung
2374 The glint of steel in the bush
2375 Gong Farmers, Pure Collectors

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