Monday, October 26, 2015

October Blast 20 2551-2575 
26-Oct 08:05 Monday

2551 Our bodies pressed together by darkness, heavier and heavier
2552 They are singing hymns outside the banks, managers cowering inside
2553 Lampposts, one of those words that never looks right
2554 We live on all the other days
2555 The Man From Laramie

2556 It was your quarter-birthday so we shared a tiny cake
2557 I woke on a rug
2558 The sea around me, the sky above me, and you
2559 It was not sex, but they would call it sex
2560 St David's. the old tin church, the smell of incense 

2561 There are times when I am sickened by us
2562 The various colours and textures of our faeces
2563 The country of the middle ear.
2564 She followed the track and hoped she would not be met
2565 I have a fear of being re-incarnated as a Republican

2566 In the various parts of life
2567 St Ives
2568 It's early in the morning, but still too late
2569 I would kill myself with a shot-gun, but I don't like loud noises
2570 He hid his books beneath his kilt

2571 I am in love with a goldfish
2572 Marbles, Arlies, Small muddy goals, the world
2573 Colander
2574 I would like to come home unexpectedly and surprise myself at the door
2575 What if there were rainbows every day, then one day not?

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