Monday, October 12, 2015

 October Blast 15 2226-2450

 12-Oct 18:20 Monday

2226 The sea is metal, the sky metal
2228 So that every one of you might understand
2229 Today is show and tell
2230 We will be found dead, burnt up, dry as tissue

2231 There is another way but I will not go there
2233 It is more or less as we expected, but bad for all that
2234 An unstoppable ugliness
2235 How death arises

2236 She thinks of it like a trapeze artists worships the sawdust
2237 I will wear shorts, sandals with socks, a knotted handkerchief upon my head
2238 Turmeric for health reasons
2240 The horses came just as night was falling

2241 Deeper, the ears imploding
2242 Small blind creatures, aperitifs
2243 Miguel who cuts down trees
2244 He crouched, waited, thought about leaping, waited more
2245 Sonnet on fourteen pianos

2246 The smell of almond polish
2247 I have arrived but you bounced past and are gone
2248 Unburden me, lay me in a shallow grave
2249 The Bad Sister
2250 Before the world was as sweet as this

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