Sunday, June 15, 2014

More Prompts

Everything catches fire
The colour, weight, the way words move
Who, when she loves, takes time to worry?
You were born here, without fanfare
The moon is high and round and yellow
Horses, swans, a skulking fox
Memory, a bracelet, shining, false
Climbing, into a filthy wind
His blood undone and proud
Under rain, in places made of stone
You said, kiss me then
The dead seem not to worry so
Stars fixed, moving at a million miles an hour
The train runs on through darkened fields
A girl prepared to die for her man
We build our own ambush
A bottle goes in sips or gulps
Reach between my legs and wake me
Women in aprons and scarves
Attend me to the world and slowing winds
I am blind, but not quite weak
We could pretend to fight and grow an audience
You and I, two old and ragged men
Hold to this truth and ignore argument
The sea one night took the house we slept in

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