Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Blast 58

June Blast 58 Jun 25 18:00

Enjoy more at Waitrose
Advantage Mrs Navratilova
If anything goes wrong, turn this handle
Stalybridge Junction
Cruising the Bay of Biscay
It can get complicated
My lover is an astronaut; I'm over the moon
Lips tasting of tears
Mr & Mrs, out on matching bikes
If you still require love, Mr Smith will be along presently
There is something about Germans
I'm happier when I'm missing you
I shall write a famous story and be loved
Take me to Switzerland 
Breakfast arrived at eleven on the dot
This is my dismayed face
The bread is rising
That's the thing about short women
Stomach Acid
From the hill I saw a row of slated tenements
Waiting on a broken-down train
The reason Scarborough died

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