Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Boot Camp June Flash Blast. 24

Boot Camp June Flash Blast.

Prompt Set 024

Tuesday June 10th, 15:39

The prick, the foot, the ear, which the silliest?


I suspect you will begin without me


We are taller now, older

Laugh lightly, lick your red lips and smile


Blame others, confess to nothing!

It was easter Monday. I went for a walk

Aisle 16

Kids playing on ice, listening for the exultant crack

Sail calmly away

The streets are bright, the homeless up on spikes

The woman who pissed herself in Tescos


We stay together like tangled earphones, string

So this is your idea of "safe"?

We are too tired to despair; we sleep through protests


Our enemies have poisoned the well of bright ideas

Perhaps we are happier

There are yellow windows, glowing in the hills

Who we remember, why, is not a hierarchy of the good

Leave now, stranger

What will endure is accident

The banished beggars made to glue

I arrive within your pregnant conversation

Before this one there was another one

Between infatuation and dissatisfaction are our moments

Love's a Bitch and then you die.

We are surrounded, and running out of epithets

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