Sunday, June 08, 2014

June Blast 22

Prompt Set

June Flash-Blast 022
June 8th 15:10

More fizz than a sackful of cats
Perhaps we drank too much wine
To meet dark Frenchmen who would tell me of tomorrow
The atom bomb!
Picasso was very quiet
A few withered like plucked birds
I like the feel of things when the French are closing in on an idea
Superficial types hate Beethoven
Books, books, books, words, words, words, I love it so!
They know art too well, until it is eaten
There is knowledge and there is an awareness of opinions
Not likeness please, insight!
I may take up sheep-shearing and wrestle crocodiles
Not enough grip or momentum, I feel
Violins ticking like grasshoppers
A terrible falling
Always eat goof food and wash one's face with cold water
I imagine Colombo is unbearably hot
Do not mirror, produce
I must pop into town for my new flannels
I may learn to shoot arrows, or go to Nigeria
I am enjoying your holiday
Clarity, precision, as if Swift is on our shoulders

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