Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June Blast 40

June Flash Blast. 40
June 18th 11:03

Drab, heat-glazed barracks, roads going nowhere
The spin and random drop of circumstance
I will stay in bed
The clanking of dusty tanks
The corpses floating
Sun on high windows
The rabble glummers and shuffles forward
Steel Cathedrals
White ships on open seas
Marseilles and other dangerous ports
Tattered letters, crushed parcels
A bucket of dubious bones
A low, filthy, moon
I do not sleep, but weep for the dying
Wild Horses
Line up with your questions
A crumb of comfort
Dawdling past the Gates of Hell
A river, red with death
On the other hand, choose a happy life
A beach of iron filings, seas of molten steel
The doctor is coming down the stairs
A shadow on the pillow
The false pomp of the town hall clock

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