Sunday, June 01, 2014

Day One: June Blast 014

June Blast 014

01 June 10:19 (Sunday)

Just a man standing at a bus stop
Lighting flameless candles
A rabid dog, a child
It is shallow at the centre, deep here
I am trying to release my inner squirrel
The weeping of trees, the darkness of rivers
The smell of close mortality
How long does a foreskin burn?
Imagining each other, not speaking
I need to clean for inspection
No one is safe, not even those who come for us
We try to live at night
The dead cheat us by moving out
I am worried by this cough
Let's stay awake, drinking in the dark
Today a man exploded at a bus stop
Carbolic does the trick
Tomorrow a woman will give birth to sixteen
What are the night signs of love?
And oily tablecloths, stale bread
Running to your father for his wages

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