Monday, April 22, 2013

The Last 3 Days' Flash Prompts (plus my Flash Response)

This morning I posted a set of Flash Prompts and if I live to see the end of the day I'll probably write a flash and post it.

Such flashes take me usually 20-40 minutes but ATM I'm half-dead with a chest infection and living on overdoses of Night Nurse.

Sod's Law being what it is, the coughing keeps me awake all night and then I'm like a Zombie all day.

Thank You, God!

Anywaiz, here are yesterday's prompts followed by my story. I'll dig out Friday and Saturday's too.

Here are Saturday's Prompts

(Can I go back to bed now?)

The trick is not to THINK. Instead read them top to bottom, bottom to top, sing them, chant them, feel them, combine them and do it all as loosely and thought-free as possible. Then something catches (something that connects to your soul)... start with something that SOUNDS good, and let the sound and feeling lead you. 

Repeat. Don't think, BE.

Here are the prompts

A thought can begin anywhere, even at the moment of death

I live in a burnt-out hotel


We sat in a circle, one boy weeping

The difference between wood and steel

Once, when things were wilder

And then the women, singing

It was either a year ago or tomorrow


Until everyone has found something

As you write, love, float

The Time of Our Singing

Dear Jane, Tomorrow will be your last lesson

Camper Van

When I am old I will wear disgusting shorts


On the seventh Sunday they will emerge

I will speak for him

We wait for Serbs, what else is there to do?


An island, a white mare under a whiter moon

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