Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Prompts, 26 April

Friday Prompts

Where can you go to escape?

I talk to sheep

What is the best killing music?

Driving west, the sky is filthy

There's an old, treacherous, deep pain

We've hardly left and haven't arrived

With a field a cow, a yard and some chickens

We are all asleep and it is coming

Like the child who places hop upon the water

He wanted to be a soldier

My mother, my father, my fat aunties

I would have liked to have been a Dalek

We are here but where is that?

I am the other brother

They are burning books and paintings, let's go have fun!

I suspect she's foreign. Look at the eyes.

I need something honest, an old fat river

I must write in English for the cane is sharp

Better to anticipate or to remember?

We are made of stone and harsh winds

I just love it here. I think I will stay.

A house far off, one window glowing

In a panic, a forest of words

I have a plate, a bowl, knife, fork, spoon

I confess to doubts. I am human

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