Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prompts for Today

Three weeks later it was still there

Someone told me he was a local mobster

I was as near forty as makes no difference; and terrified

Don't Tell mama!

She felt alone, utterly and completely alone.

He was screaming at a woman - hi sister

Who should he condemn? Why?

The towers, the dark of metal

How mary glowed in the dark, beneath the sheets

I need BRIGHT, pinks, yellows, outrageousness

Attitude is an attitude

How much for two penny buns?

Then I was drafted

The smell of cabbage and faint other things

The reasons for sweat, the reasons for desire

39 years of waiting. For what?

Sitting there trying to follow a single wave

Happy as Larry, but Larry is dying.

They sometimes called him Sonny but that wasn't his name.

Very few rats here.

You couldn't throw a stone without hitting an aunt or a cousin

From Ireland, lasted twenty-six months

The meal lasted hours, the arguments days

Peaches in syrup, ice cream dark as sunset

He felt burning

Looking at a picture of Jesus

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