Friday, April 26, 2013

Some More Horror-Story Statistics

It's very hard to get good stats on publishing but I've have found a great site to use as a start-point

It gives all sorts of statistics and back-up URLS for evidential support 
but I thought I would point out the sorts of sales PoD publishers were reporting.

Appreciate that these PoD Publishers would do everything in their
power to make these figures as HIGH as possible

Xilibris average royalty paid (not per year, total) was a measly $111 per title

Just 3.4% of their titles sold more than 500 copies

and 11% sold 200-500

So that is just 14% sold over 200, 

EIGHTY-SIX per cent of titles sold less than 200 copies.

iUniverse reported an average of 75 sales per title

of iUniverse's 17,000 titles only 84 sold more than 500 copies

Of that 17,000 only SIX books made it on th B&N shelves

Authorhouse sales averaged 108 per title

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