Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Prompts

18 Years old and well over six feet
A disagreeable experience
A great deal has happened one way or another
A great deal of ceremonial undressing
A true treasure
Barely tuppence
Bobby worked there in a small office
Bread is staple
But the precise circumstances are unknown
By writers, speakers, preachers
cross examinations and undercurrents
From different tribes
He said I didn't understand the blacks
I am having a nice time at the zoo
I cannot bear to send it to you
I dream of houses falling down
I loved Denis
I wish you lived closer
Peace, Space
Perhaps it will be as well here to repeat my statement
Seven children born and six survive
Suburban gardens and straight white paths
The enmity was ancient and entrenched
The experienced housewives fare better
The house was visited in July
The Inland Revenue
The remarkable thing about these budgets
There was a president and a king
They sometimes fail to pay the rent
Virtually dead, but not
Voodoo is just a part of it
Was it like that for you?
We are finally in Devon
What an insane thought!
When it comes to the pinch
When the man is at home
With a scraping of margarine and jam
I'm hoping Frank will take me on
I'm sending you every thing I've written
If he is a sober, steady man
It is cheap and they appear to like it
It was like any other Sunday in the capital
Last year was a sort of death march
Meat brought up for the men
Obviously, it differs between families

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