Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012-022 Prompts for Whenever

As sharp as a candle

We can listen to the sweet music of a good death

We cannot sustain it

His face gleaming as only a child's can

A 7-tin 6-Pack

Not who is best, but who can serve us best

I smell burgers

Alternatively you may send a cheque


Let's stay in the background and just watch

The habit of memory propels us


We can never really know what it will be like


The months, the years, the days, all wobbling


At the centre, where it spins less


Light flows throughout

A kind of cheese

I am full of love. So?

Whatever is said, it will not pacify


I am fully supportive of the manager


And the dog flops down between us and sleeps

I will heal

After making love, I thought I heard footsteps

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