Monday, January 16, 2012

20:15 Third Prompt Set

20:15 (16 Jan) Third set of Flash Blast Prompts

01 The moon speaks, he listens

02 Sea creatures crawling, still alive

03 He close the lid, a firm click

04 Khaki

05 Twice a day I went there; like a priest

06 And two other things

07 The sounds of the island coming to rest

08 I am the thread that holds his sword

09 All day I waited, shifting on my feet

10 A negro cleaning shoes

11 It was morning or was evening

12 Blinded by rain

13 She says she's meeting Diana

14 I doubt I will ever speak

15 Stones, green with slime and a memory

16 They say a poet drown near here


18 Tides and moons, the weight of almanacs

19 Blacker

20 I count the stripes not caring for the stars

21 Heavy

22 A heartbeat in the pool, breath in water

23 A great expanse of muscle

24 Calvary

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