Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday 13th Prompts


Mam, hello, is it all right if me and Cathy?
Or seeing children die, pretend it's all a laugh
Second, distract the women
Some buyers do not know their books
The first time it went in
The goldfish is guilty by association
They are printing low-fat books
They have taken him for questioning
This night is different, smell!
This particular monkey is ironic
This train, that night, a man with a knife
When happy I will teach you how to sing
When sad I will make you cut your wrists
You can slit the throats of guards, that's fairly easy
You will stumble and fall skywards never landing
A girl on the telly with two pussies
A rubber ball, bouncing, step after step after step
And bees enraged attack and you refuse to hurt
Archangel, Cornelius, Gage
At the lock gates, fish so tight the water's silver
But know the cover and regurgitate the blurb
Finally, the dogs quiet down
First, pacify the dogs
God decides who floats
Have heard a lot of rumours, and some feels true
I am the bug that will eat you alive
I am the library virus
I am trying to fly and failing badly
I drank the North and ate the East but left the South for later
I have made a pair of trousers from a bin-bag
I hide under adverbs and linger in your shades
I was once a piston-engine, but now I am a jet
I will send the boys around
I will still know you when you think you've found the exit
I would like to shit like a three-toed sloth
I'm from the comprehensive down the road
If on a summer's day, this bloke
It was sweet and light and warm
It was the cat although the dog is implicated
Leave if you must, but some of us are staying
Let's go for a lighter tone. Laugh!
Like, say, closing our eyes and pushing in an arm

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