Monday, January 16, 2012

2300 Prompts

01 The route in emergencies
02 An eel I think
03 I would say that there are people that don't
04 A bit difficult to watch
05 Steam from their nostrils, but finally we stop
06 A Royal Ship
07 Two or three rooms, an entire family
08 Lift the spirit in difficult times
09 Continue, or start again, I don't mind
10 Let's debate it
11 The horses eager to drink
12 Conditions were pretty grim
13 It was not many feet from the door to the barn
14 Not no, at least not quite
15 There wasn't the pill then, and men didn't like condoms
16 A kind of dark ability
17 The language was strange
18 I hasten to add I wasn't there
19 A time of high employment, good wages
20 She closed it after him and slid across the bolt
21 Looking at the Night Sky
22 Humour yes, but suffering
23 How expensive will it be?
24 Things have moved on, I'd say

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