Monday, January 25, 2021


The architecture of love

Red Rabbit

Why bass guitarists look  bored

Me and the Supremes

In the darkest corners of cathedrals

Pussy-cat, Pussy-cat, where have you been?

It’s clearly a mirror, he reflected

There was once a wheel-tapper called Fred

A goldfish in my martini

Trial by Candle

Feet like dead fish

In the middle of the middle, dead centre.

The Head Nurse loves me

Never Assume, Always Check

Matter; Anti-Matter; Doesn’t Matter

Fondling #101

The cunning of the betrayed wife

Not all wounds heal

Not all squirrels are bushy-tailed

The picket-fence, a dog

Careless talk is talc

It’s basically a question of geography

Centurion’s Disease

Write it in the sand, then stop the tide

Mormon Underwear

These are my racing clothes

Eclectic Epileptic, Apoplectic

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