Saturday, January 16, 2021

 and more...

When she opened her purse, a bird flew out

If they reduced speed-limits by 1 MPH per day

Talking shit, smoking spliffs, three in the morning

If the moon had an on/off switch

My father died five weeks ago

The ruts that old carts make

In due course, we shall divine the truth

A man with daisies on his hat

Nothing to write about - here we go!

Another stone in my shoe

Together; on our three-cushion, plush settee

Admit it. You miss me!

Life’s a drag for cross-dressers

28 Day Cut-Off

The bridge is built. Soon we’ll add a road

Decapitating a few rabbits

The Young Female Asian Refugee Writers Group

The dead hippo firing its final shots

Taken at a certain angle

Night coming in like a bag-snatcher

Incompetent, incontinent

I dreamt of Hugh last night.

I live in a storm-drain but it’s MY storm-drain

Double or Nothing?

An air of baffled silence

Penalty Spot

The small rooms in her head

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