Friday, January 15, 2021

 More Prompts


At the birth a joyful cry. It’s human!
The river has a pulse
My nephew loses his football
It is clearly indicative of SOMEthing
You are a deep valley with steep sides
Blind fingers, eyes that keep touching
Enough steel wool to knit a car
Clap hands, Clap hands, till Daddy’s payroled!
The A-Z of Loss; Loss mechanics 101
From the Ganges to the sea
it’s pay-Day. I need to go and polish my pill!
The black beads on my necklace
Poets in Cages
I am not as happy as I could be
A ragged windmill
The perfect white thigh of the Novitiate
Wet Tissue Omelette
Don’t you hear it? Can’t you feel it?
Dictator Soup
After the landmine: left foot
A friend’s illness needs to be improving or worsening…
I apologise for yawning
Whether you did or didn’t, I will or I won’t.
I p[reach extreme violence
Something too heavy in my father’s heart
Various scribbles in a black book
Is it illegal to marry a donkey?

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