Friday, January 29, 2021


When the ravens leave the tower
Miss Funnymoney
Pirate School

It’s a matter of habit
Wiping the juice from her chin
One day a goat

The silky symmetry of the swimmer
Your voice seems different
When a baby takes your finger in its grasp

Stamp-addressed escalope
A serious sequence of collisions
Pontius is learning to fly

I am a foot man
Sun is expected sometime in the next month
A unique shade of ink

I was thinking of tea with the queen
The kitchen smells of sex
Listening to reggae in a smoke-filled room

The Stick Market
The smell of dust on the underground
Jerry & Tom

The curves we see in the distance
We can’t all be archangels
The shepherd wants to get the flock out of here!

I am learning the concertina
The bed is big enough
I am not quite in my skin

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