Monday, September 21, 2015

Sep-Oct Ramp-Up 01 1851-1875 21-Sep 08:45 Monday

Sep-Oct Ramp-Up 01 1851-1875 21-Sep 08:45 Monday

1851 Where I was born. Not where I lived. Not who I am.
1852 The Dead Centre
1853 The taller soldiers with the deeper march
1854 When meadows shone
1855 Once for others, now for myself

1856 We wait still, patiently, for the promised blood
1857 Deaf
1858 No longer under sky, no longer looking out to sea
1859 Dumb
1860 Beneath my bedroom light, outside, where dark creatures shuffle

1861 Avocado and Bacon
1862 Trees left, trees right, some dark, some light
1863 A Gorge, Cold Water
1864 Once we were all young and easy, never believing this
1865 Apollo 13

1866 Where Billy and I used to go
1867 Tea, then out with the wick
1868 How the cold breathes art upon the leaves
1869 Naked
1870 There is a moment when darkness changes

1871 The finality of a certain kind of no.
1872 A snuffle, a tired knock at a door, a bottle rolling
1873 CORK
1874 Driving slowly to eke out their time
1875 This is what we disremember

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